The PickTN Farmers Market Awards were announced at the TAFM annual meeting at the PickTN Conference on February 22, 2020. The awards are sponsored by TDA PickTN Products.

Pictured left to right: Robert Marcy, Memphis Farmers Market; Assistant Commissioner Keith Harrison, TDA; Marjie Richardson, Seymour Farmers Market; Rebecca Williams, Grow Oak Ridge Winter Farmers Market; and Grant Pulse, TDA

  • Website/Social Media Category
    • 1st place: Kingsport Farmers Market
    • 2nd place: Grow Oak Ridge Winter Farmers Market
  • Non-Apparel Merchandise
    • 1st place: Memphis Farmers Market
    • 2nd place: 12 South Farmers Market
  • Apparel Merchandise
    • 1st place: Memphis Farmers Market        
    • 2nd place: Seymour Farmers Market