About Us

TAFM defines farmers markets as:

A Farmers Market provides farmers an alternative opportunity to sell their farm products (fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs) and other goods, along with value added products, such as salsa, jams and jellies directly to the consumer at a centralized location with other farmers. It has set hours, a set of operating rules and may be sponsored by a local government, a non profit corporation or similar group. Vendors selling handcrafted items, baked goods and other products may be added based upon the rules and regulations of the market, to help enhance the shopping experience.

The Tennessee Association of Farmers Markets is an organization made up of TN farmers and farmers market managers.

Goals of TAFM include:

  • Develop educational resources for markets, market managers and market consumers
  • Provide networking opportunities for farmers, farmers markets and supporting community organizations
  • Provide a unified voice on issues and policy that impacts Tennessee’s farmers markets